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Turner Field
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Opened March 29, 1997
Closed October 2, 2016
Demolished n/a
Other Names Centennial Olympic Stadium (1996)
Tenants Atlanta Braves (1997-2016)

Turner Field was a baseball stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally built as Centennial Olympic Stadium in 1996 to serve as the centerpiece of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the stadium was converted into a baseball park to serve as the new home of the Atlanta Braves.

List of credited publications

League Date/Season Team(s) Type
Major League Baseball 1997 Atlanta Braves Program
NLDS (Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros) Program
1999 World Series (Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees) Program
2004 NLDS (Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros) Program
2005 NLDS (Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros) Program
2010 Atlanta Braves Program
2013 NLDS (Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers) Program

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