Please Excuse the Mess…

Frequent visitors to this site have probably figured out that something big is going on, and it is. My big summer project is to give this project yet another facelift, one that I hope will result in me spending less time tweaking design and more time sharing images.

The original version of SportsPaper involved a ton of html writing and updating, so with that in mind I kicked off a migration to the wiki format a few years ago. But having done that for awhile I find myself in much the same position. While the wiki offers some cool features I didn’t have before — such as easy linking between pages and a more structured format — I am still overwhelmed by all the administration involved.

So while the wiki is still very much alive, I’m going to find a way to repurpose it. The main site will use WordPress as the platform, which you have no doubt noticed by now. I think this will help me to strike a balance between something that is visually appealing for you and that involves less maintenance and general overhead.

So over the next several weeks you can expect some rapid changes and some mess (broken links, etc.). Feel free to drop me a line (chris AT with any comments, questions or suggestions, and thanks as always for stopping by!

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