Vintage Photo Wednesday: 1920 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

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Ice hockey first came to the Olympics at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp, Belgium. That year, a total of 60 ice hockey players from 7 nations competed in what also served as the first Ice Hockey World Championship.

The United States team, seen in this photo, won the silver medal, while Canada took gold and Czechoslovakia earned the bronze.

1920 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

Here is the roster for the 1920 team, coached by Cornelius Fellows:

  • Raymond Bonney
  • Anthony Conroy
  • Herbert Drury (led all Americans with 14 goals)
  • Edward Fitzgerald
  • George Geran (the first player from the United States to make the NHL)
  • Frank Goheen (elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1952)
  • Joseph McCormick (team captain)
  • Lawrence McCormick
  • Frank Synott
  • Leon Tuck
  • Cyril Weidenborner